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Taos, New Mexico. Peerless.

Legendary. Magical. Stunning.

Taos is steeped in history, surrounded by mountain peaks. A potent blend of Spanish, Native American and Anglo cultures make this small city and its environs an endlessly fascinating place for any kind of vacation: family, outdoors, cultural and historical, spiritual, artistic or creative. If you're looking for meaning, you'll find it in Taos. 

Plan your adventure around Taos events, such as San Juan Feast Day at the Taos Pueblo, or the famous Taos Solar Music Festival. Other events include music, dance, film and art festivals. Nearby mountains provide endless outdoor options, including organized 10K's and bike races.

Our Palacio de Marquesa is the perfect Heritage Hotel & Resort property to base your Taos vacation. Located a few blocks from Taos plaza, this hotel is nestled in a quiet tree-lined neighborhood.

Taos’ laid back nature invites relaxation. Have a cocktail on the historic plaza before visiting one of the city’s fine eateries. Or just take a few moments for yourself. Whatever you choose, it will feel right in Taos.