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Hotel Encanto near Spaceport America
Luxury Suite in Hotel Encanto de Las Cruces Near Spaceport America

Space Tourism

Another NM original - To Infinity and Beyond!

Ever dreamed of taking a trip to space? In the not-too-distant future, commercial flights to space will be a reality in New Mexico. Spaceport America, the nation’s first commercial spaceport, is based in southern New Mexico. Soon galactically-oriented visitors can embark on a space vacation. Space tourism is a reality!

Right now, visitors can tour the future Spaceport itself, and keep track of future New Mexico space tours. You can learn more about Spaceport America and plan a visit here: Be sure to catch this inspiring Virgin Galactic video, "Dreams," on YouTube!

Our Hotel Encanto de Las Cruces is the Official Virgin Galactic Hotel & Resort in Doña Ana county hosting the Spaceport America astronauts and their guests. Learn more.

Other Space Attractions in New Mexico

There is a comprehensive itinerary for trips around the Spaceport here, but following is a list of other New Mexico attractions that involve the exploration into the final frontier:

More New Mexico space & science fun:

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