New Mexico Performing Arts & Art in New Mexico

Flamenco dancer by
Flamenco Dancer Albuquerque, New Mexico

New Mexico Performing Arts

Not all Art is Framed

While some New Mexico art can be found hanging on the walls of museums and galleries, other works — of music, dance, theater, film, and spoken word poetry — must be experienced in a live setting. The performing arts in New Mexico are both steeped in ancient traditions and bursting with the energy and innovation of contemporary expression. Here you can experience Native American dance and traditional, Spanish Flamenco one day, and ballet and opera the next. You can settle in for an evening at a Broadway revival, spend a day watching local filmmakers showcase their projects, or catch a live poetry slam at a neighborhood bar.

From world-class venues like the Santa Fe Opera, Lensic Performing Arts Center, and Popejoy Hall, to smaller, more intimate settings, performing arts are integral to New Mexican culture. So take an evening off and book a seat at a show. Dance, theater, music, it doesn’t much matter. And if you happen to be in town for one of the great performing arts festivals the state hosts each year, be sure to snatch up a ticket.