Visual Arts in New Mexico: Museums, Art, Performances

Santos by Chris Corrie
Santos Retablos Authentic Hispanic Artwork

Visual Arts in New Mexico

What you see is just part of what you get

When most people think of art in New Mexico they think of detailed designs of American Indian sculpture and pottery, and the striking landscapes and large format, abstract depictions of flowers, rocks, bones and other natural forms that are the hallmarks of the works of the celebrated modern artist Georgia O’Keeffe. Though she was neither the first nor the last great artist to be inspired by the beauty of this enchanted state, her works are an iconic representation of the visual arts in New Mexico.

Many other great artists in the New Mexico arts community, including Elliot Porter, Gustave Baumann, Fritz Scholder, Maria Martinez, Bruce Naumann and Luis Jimenez have also called New Mexico home. The New Mexico Museum of Art houses significant collections of their work, alongside the works of numerous other 20th and 21st century American and Southwestern artists who lived, worked, or were otherwise influenced by time spent in New Mexico.

Outside the museum, you won’t have to look far in New Mexico to find visual artworks from every period and in every imaginable medium. Galleries and festivals throughout the state host works from an ever-changing multitude of artists with styles ranging from classical to contemporary to folk and everything in between.

Santa Fe Canyon Road by Steve Larese
Sculpture Garden Santa Fe Canyon Road
One of the best ways to get a feel for the creative process is to take a studio tour for a chance to see artists at work in their “natural environment.” Here’s list of annual Artist Studio Tours in New Mexico. For dates, times and more information, contact individual tours below.

New Mexico Artist Studio Tours