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A surprisingly diverse "food culture"

New Mexicans are proud of their culinary heritage, and you will find this pride reflected in the special ingredients, recipes and dishes that make New Mexican food both unmistakable and delicious. New Mexican cuisine is a mixture of Spanish, Native and Mexican cuisines, but make no mistake, it is not Mexican food, nor is it Tempe. New Mexican food is characterized by the use of ingredients that grow well in this arid, sunny climate, including blue corn, squash, beans and of course, chile.

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Learn all about cuisine in New Mexico and where to taste our signature dishes!

Did you know New Mexico is the oldest wine growing region in the U.S.? We are also home to many award-winning craft breweries.

If you can't do everything, here are 5 things you simply can't miss in New Mexico!

1. Taste the chile
2. Go on a culinary adventure 
3. Sip a local wine or beer
4. Visit a farmers market
5. Find your favorite local restaurant



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One might say the heat of our chile is adventerous enough but we don't stop there. Check out all the culinary adventures you can take in New Mexico!

Our food and drink is definitely cause for celebration! 

You'll need a place to stay while you're enjoying all this amazing food. Immerse yourself in New Mexico culture at locally owned Heritage Hotels & Resorts properties all across the state!

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Cuisine in New Mexico

When you stay at one of our New Mexico hotels you will be exposed to some of the best restaurants in New Mexico. Whether they are downtown or hidden outside of the city, your taste buds will love you for finding these culinary secrets. Explore the best restaurants in Santa Fe, best restaurants in Albuquerque, best restaurants in Las Cruces, and best restaurants in Taos.

There are as many ways to have a great culinary experience in New Mexico as there are flavors in the tradition itself. Culinary tours in New Mexico have become popular in recent years, and both Food Tour New Mexico and Epitourean New Mexico offer experiences that will guide you through the restaurants in New Mexico in style. If you prefer to create your own tour, our guide to restaurants in New Mexico will help you plan a delicious lineup of options during your stay.



Food Tour New Mexico

Prepare to sample New Mexico with an amazing day of demonstrations, first hand tales and of course great food samples from some of the specialty shops and restaurants that make our cities so delectably unique! Food Tour New Mexico offers tours in both Albuquerque and Santa Fe. They're a Local Treasures partner so you'll enjoy a 15% discount on any tasting tour!

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Sunset River Float Dinner

Float the Rio Grande river at sunset, experience the beauty and nature that exists in the river valley with New Mexico's oldest, most experienced river rafting company, Los Rios River Runners. 

Dinner is prepared fresh at one of the riverside campsites. It typically consists of hors d'oeuvres, a mixed grill, steamed or roasted vegetables, salad, rice or couscous, and dessert freshly baked in a dutch oven beside the campfire. Stories are told around the campfire as night draws in and a broad swath of stars twinkles into view, framed by the high canyon walls.

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Lunch with a Llama

This signature llama trekking day hike from Wild Earth Llama Adventures offers a taste of the wilderness for those who would like to spend a very special day hiking and exploring in the majestic Sangre de Cristo Mountains or Rio Grande Gorge, with the experienced guides and wooly hiking companions. The llamas pack in all the supplies and gear, all you need to do is hike and enjoy! A gourmet lunch is also prepared for you by the guides.

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Cooking Schools

Whether you're looking to improve you cooking skills or just try something new, cooking classes are available all around New Mexico and offer you a unique look into our one-of-a-kind cuisine!

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