Native Americans and New Mexico Culture

The First Cultures in New Mexico

Since 25,000 B.C., numerous Native American peoples have called New Mexico home, and the history of their settlements — both ancient and modern — is interwoven with the history and culture of the state and with our Native American inspired hotels. 

Approximately 1,500 years ago ancestral Pueblo peoples responsible for the elaborate cliff dwellings at Bandelier, Mesa Verde and elsewhere across the Four Corners region, migrated south in search of more reliable water sources, eventually establishing permanent settlements, commonly known as pueblos. Those groups were the ancestors of today’s Pueblo people, many of whom still occupy the original villages. Other groups, ancestors of the Navajo and Apache, continued their nomadic lifestyles.

Native American culture in New Mexico is celebrated today in museums, ceremonial dances, arts and crafts, language, villages and the daily lifestyle of New Mexico’s tribes. 
Take a step into the past or experience the living history of any one of New Mexico’s 22 Native American peoples by visiting a historic monument or a modern day pueblo.

New Mexico Native American Attractions:

Some New Mexico Native America tribes welcome visitors to experience their living culture. When planning a trip to a pueblo remember that families live here, and that each tribe is a sovereign nation. Behave accordingly, and treat the land and people with respect and honor.