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Spiritual decor at Hotel Chimayo
Spiritual Decor Hotel Chimayo de Santa Fe

Spirituality & Culture in New Mexico

Land of Enlightment

For ages, pilgrims, mystics and those seeking spiritual enlightenment have been drawn to the enchanted landscapes of New Mexico. Whether in search of a higher power, spiritual nourishment or self-enlightenment, what people find when they arrive in this land of endless blue skies, painted desert landscapes and quiet solitude is an experience that stays in the soul, long after the trip is over.

From Roman Catholic mystics to legends passed down from ancient Native cultures, New Mexico is a land awash in imagery, spirituality and mystery. Whether you want to take a trip to one of the many spiritual sites throughout the state, embark on your own spiritual journey, or simply kick back and let enlightenment come to you while relaxing in the healing waters of a natural spring, spiritual retreats in New Mexico are never hard to come by.