White Sands National Park  

Experience one of the world's great natural wonders: White Sands National Park. The unusual gypsum sands, beautiful plants, incredible animals, and spectacular vistas make this dunefield a truly amazing site to see.

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Las Cruces Golfing 

Take in beautiful blue skies from the greens in Las Cruces where your golf getaway is just a swing away!

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Las Cruces Outdoor Recreation  

There's no place on Earth quite like White Sands National Park. Glistening white dunes of gypsum, fossil footprints of ancient animals, unique geology and 800 species of animals all make this place a natural wonder. Bring a camera and sand sled for a daytime adventure, or visit during a full moon for a special moonlit walk. From the Dripping Springs Natural Area to Picacho Peak, Las Cruces itself boasts hiking and mountain bike trails that show off southern New Mexico’s natural beauty. Spot wildlife, explore remnants of an ancient volcanic explosion and dramatic views of the Organ Mountains.

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