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Heritage Inspirations offers half and full-day excursions, multi-day adventures, custom-crafted itineraries, and click and buy roadtrips. With more than twenty tours across Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Taos including active outdoor expeditions, specially curated walking tours, and roving glamping adventures, Heritage Inspirations has a unique and dynamic option for every traveler. As a partner of Heritage Inspirations, Heritage Hotels & Resorts provides an exclusive discount to those who stay at our properties.


Heritage Inspirations showcases Albuquerque by offering an exclusive walking tour that studies the mix of old and new in the Old Town area as well as a biking tour along the Rio Grande into the nearby water managed agrarian districts. If you have a day to get outside Albuquerque’s boundaries and into the rural wilds of New Mexico, then try Heritage Inspiration's Chaco Canyon day tour or go to El Malpais for an otherworldly lava shaped spelunking experience.

Santa Fe  

Heritage Inspirations offers two walking tours in the City Different. You can study the historic Puebloan and Spanish influenced architecture along Canyon Road’s gallery district or feel out Santa Fe’s expressive fashion flair with a fashionista-oriented shopping outing. Both provide an in-depth glimpse to the sophisticated, yet earthy, Santa Fe style. Santa Fe also has a couple of National Monuments within easy reach outside the city: Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks and Bandelier National Monument.


Experience Taos’ funky artistic spirit with an immersive artisan walking tour or adventure through the breathtaking and spectacular outdoor environment with multiple active expeditions. Whether you like to hike, raft, fish, backpack, or snowshoe – Heritage Inspiration’s tours cover the gambit of possibilities and provide ample opportunities to experience year-round outdoor adventures in order to elevate your body and spirit.


Heritage Inspiration’s Taos glampour (glam + camp + tour) will take you into the far reaches of New Mexico wilderness while purposely removing everyday distractions and forcing you to slow down, breathe, and energize. Or experience an overnight trip to the ancient Puebloan center of Chaco Canyon. Explore the Great Houses, hike connecting trails, and witness celestial events within the mysterious boundaries of New Mexico’s version of Machu Picchu.

UNESCO Travel   

With more UNESCO World Heritage sites than any other state in the U.S., you’d be remise to not take this opportunity to seek out these culturally preserved and protected locations. Heritage Inspirations goes to two out of the three New Mexico designated UNESCO sites: Chaco Culture National Historical Park and Taos Pueblo. Take a day trip or an overnight glamping trip to Chaco Canyon. Or, go to Taos Pueblo with their cultural half-day tour and even better yet, get an insider experience by baking bread in a tribal member’s outdoor adobe horno oven.